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The Windows 10 Update will not Eat your Children

microsoft news touchscreen windows 10 update

It seems daunting to upgrade your operating system. It's always been a bit of a pain with Microsoft to download or order the disk and back up all your files. And the up and down pattern of Microsoft's history has left us scarred with memories of leaving XP for the quicksand death-snare of Vista. So if you're still hiding from the little update window popping up in the bottom right corner of your screen like it's a monster in the closet, it might help to hear a little about what you can actually expect from the Windows 10 update.

Streamlined Customizable Star Menu

They've brought the start menu back with a slightly new look. It operates basically the same as your typical Windows menu, but it's been cleaned up. Your most used programs will show up on the list with an expanded window where all your day planner and news update windows can go. And you can pick and choose what's in that window by simply pinning and unpinning apps and windows.


All of the utility of the start menu, the control panel, system, computer management, etc., is still there but hidden behind a quick right click.

Microsoft Edge

This is the much needed evolution of Internet Explorer. What was once a clunky and outdated internet browser getting little to no attention of web developers has transformed into a pretty reliable tool. It's still by no means a match for Chrome, but between this new upgrade and the slow degradation of Firefox, Microsoft Edge is actually a relevant consideration for both home and professional use.

Continuum and Touchscreen Intelligence

touchscreen intelligence

Microsoft overreached a little with the touchscreen focus of Windows 8. The program was clunky, and while it worked well enough in tablet mode, any user friendliness disappeared once you sat down at a desktop. In Windows 10 you have a much cleaner design that works well with both keyboard and touchscreen, and Continuum, the quick feature that lets you switch smoothly back and forth makes it much more viable to work on a desktop and tablet simultaneously.

It's a Free Upgrade (but not forever)

The upgrade is free right now for anyone who has windows 7 or 8, but that will only last until July. Then you'll be stuck with a one to two hundred dollar price tag. You can stick with your old system for a while of course. There will still be plenty of programs compatible with 7 and 8 for a few years, but it won't be long before they're considered a handicap. So Now is the time to invite that monster out of the closet.

A few people have had a problems with the update, but it's a small number, and whatever problems you have are nothing you can't solve with a little help.