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Icon 600 Series with 10x Camera, Dual Monitor

$ 9,399.00

Great for large meeting room environments. This video conferencing package includes a Lifesize Icon 600 video system, a 10x Lifesize camera, Digital MicPod microphone, remote control, power supply wih cables and dual monitor support.

Great for any meeting room environment, Lifesize® Icon™ systems are so easy to use that anyone can walk right into a room and be on a video conference call in just seconds. Features such as consolidated meeting schedules and pop-up reminders will ensure that you never miss a meeting again. Click on an icon to access robust video applications like Lifesize® UVC Video Center™, which enables you to record and stream your presentations, or Lifesize® UVC Multipoint™ so you can support multiparty calls on any device through the power of the Lifesize UVC Platform.

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